Tips On Using Info Cubic For Online Criminal Background Checking

When it comes to background checks there are a number of different services available. There are also a number of different reasons you might want to order a background check. A lot of employers subject potential employees to background investigations. Some jobs that work with sensitive groups like children insist on their potential employees submitting to a criminal record check to make sure they aren’t a sex offender and don’t come with a criminal past. You can also use people finding and background checks to find people you’ve lost touch with in your life for some reason or another.

Info Cubic are a very reputable background check provider. They have a focus on working with employers to screen potential employees. If you’re working in a sensitive area and know that you’re going to screen a lot of your employees then Info Cubic is definitely a service you need to keep in mind. They also offer a lot of things to keep your mind at ease; there are no monthly fees or set up fees meaning that you can use their service and not have to worry about hidden charges. There is also no minimum order so you can order background checks on as many or as few people as you want. This online review of background checking companies on recommend that you order a set amount of background checks and that can be a hindrance.

Info Cubic offers three basic levels of service with a price tag to match. That is another advantage they have over other companies that would charge a flat fee. You can use their entry level package which costs $39 and is the middle tier. That will get you a lot of information but it might not be enough for some jobs. For all the information and everything you could possibly need you can use the Work Force Standard Package which is their most popular service and comes in at $59. If you’re just looking for some basic information and to save some money you can just use their Blue Collar Package offered at a respectable $19.

Info Cubic is an accredited and respected business with a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is ISO certified. They boast an incredible 99% accuracy rating and almost always get you the right information on the right person. No background check service is going to have a complete 100% accuracy rating. They also work very quickly. It’s easy and quick to set up an account and you have the information you need usually within 26 hours. They have a quicker response time than most companies too. Phones are answered on the first call and by the 3rd ring and emails are answered within 30 minutes.

Info Cubic are flexible with the packages they offer and try their best to suit your needs. They are also very competitive by treating you fairly and offering you good prices for top quality work. Most of their employees are as accredited as they are and are FCRA certified. If you need help using their system they will provide it and they work with a lot of high profile clients. This is a company you can trust when it comes to employee screening and background checks.

Tips On Using Info Cubic For Online Criminal Background Checking